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This 18 page Baby First Aid eBook is a must have for a new parents! It is EASY to download and keep it handy on your smartphone, iPad or tablet. This EASY downloadable and printable eBook and SUPER SIMPLE to use! 

The book has 18 pages with lots of coloured pictures for guidance on what to do and to step by step instructions to help your baby in a real emergency.

Baby First Aid for new parents eBook

  • PDF:
    ❤ Super Baby First Aid Ebook you will receive it, how you see it on the page.
    ❤ Get the A4 downloadable and printable eBook for you smartphone iPad or tablet.
    This e-book is a handy ebook to keep your baby first aid knowledge fresh in your mind. 

    eBook contents:
    ❤Fevers and high temperatures
    ❤Febrile Seizures
    ❤Choking baby
    ❤Head injury
    ❤Broken bones
    ❤Severe allergic reaction
    ❤Harmful substances 
    ❤Unconscious and breathing baby (Recovery Position) 
    ❤Unconscious and not breathing baby (CPR)

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