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Tania Cheney, P.T. &

Paediatric First Aid Expert and Medic 

At Simple First Aid, Tania's extensive knowledge and wealth of experience are what set her apart from the rest. Her professionalism and expertise make her a go-to choice for those looking to receive the best first aid training. What makes Tania stand out is that she takes the time to understand her client's needs and provides tailored training to suit them. Whether you're a parent or a business owner, you can trust Tania to give you the best in first aid training.


First Aid Experts  

Simple First Aid is a bespoke training organisation whose primary focus is to educate private clients on having the confidence and knowledge to use first aid skills to save lives. We offer courses on First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid for companies. Our sessions are always tailored to meet the needs of our clients for individuals and organisations. Our teaching empowers people to act in an emergency to save lives and help others before the ambulance has arrived. Simple First Aid is based in the UK and has a global reach and it is composed of a small hand-picked team of medical experts in their field including doctors, paramedics and technicians to deliver the best service for event first aid cover and first aid training. 

Image by Naassom Azevedo
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