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Why should you learn First Aid?

How First Aid can save your and others' lives

Image by Kristine Wook

Did you know a study in 2020 found around 60% of deaths could have been prevented in England if bystanders had first aid training? 

Ask yourself, what is the first thing most people do in case of an emergency?

THEY PANIC! However, having a certified first aider on the scene ensures a sense of safety and calmness until the medics arrive. 

If you saw your loved one having a stroke or a heart attack, wouldn’t you want to do something to ease their pain? Surely everyone would want to make a difference in someone's life. By learning first aid you can save someone’s life irrespective of the situation. Research shows that many deaths at construction sites in England could have been prevented if first aiders were present. First aid training is a crucial life skill as you never know when you might need it.  

Shockingly, a study in England found nearly 50% of people prefer expert emergency services over
First Aid.

The lack of awareness and dismissal towards first aid is a very serious matter! People avoid first aid training because they think it is too difficult or believe that accidents are unlikely to occur around them.


Remember, accidents can happen anywhere and at any time! Therefore, it’s very important for us to learn first aid as a community so we help each other out when in need. Think about it: just by turning someone over on their side and bringing their head back to allow airflow, you can save a life.

Are you interested in becoming a First-Aider?
Congratulations, you made it to the right place!

We are Simple First Aid, a first aid training provider based in the UK. We can provide you with the essential knowledge and confidence you need to use your first aid skills on people as small as babies and infants to grown-up adults. Just book your spot on one of our first aid training courses. 

What are you waiting for?


Book on to our Baby First Aid or our Online & Face-to-Face First Aid courses now! We also offer Medical Event First Aid Cover in London so get in touch and get a quote today!

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